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    Overall: WEM has got lot of functionality and it's extremely easy to build applications. It helped us to create the mobile applications required for our purpose/sector. Highly recommended to all sorts of companies to develop their applications.
    Pros: * Easy to use * Flow chart approach * Cost effective
    Cons: Haven't come across any cons at this point of time
    Biju I.
    Director | Staffing and Recruiting,
  • Prithvi P.
    Overall: WEM is a true game changer. The speed and agility at which one can develop applications is quite fascinating. We had been very successful in using WEM to complete POC's at a very quick and rapid pace to showcase to the clients.
    Pros: 1. Learning curve for the development team. 2. Ease of development. 3. Technical support and service
    Cons: More out of the box capabilities can be provided but that cannot be classified as a dislike as that falls under the evolution of an tool and increasing its capabilities.
    Reasons for Choosing WEM: Breadth of services Financial/organizational viability Strong user community Product functionality and performance Strong customer focus Strong consulting partnership Product roadmap and future vision Strong services expertise Overall cost
    Prithvi P.
    Head of Business Consulting | Information Technology and Services
  • Team
    Overall: In the banking sector, we once developed an application in 45 minutes. The goal was to build a positive pay application. As we know, the banking sector faces new challenges every single day. They also have to keep up with the competition and comply with laws enacted by government agencies to prevent fraud. Using WEM, we built a Universal Positive Pay application. Having WEM as a partner has been great!
    Pros: WEM is a practical, small and agile platform with excellent service. Business users, especially tech-savvy ones, benefit from WEM's flexibility.
    Cons: It is no code/low code platform and I love coding :(
    Yogesh D.
    Principal consultant | Information Technology and Services
  • Youngsoo (Scott) Lee
    CEO/Founder | DigiformerSaaSlab (디지포머싸스랩 )

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