We are all about helping the enterprises negotiate the movement of IT from periphery of the organization to the heart of the organization

Whether you’re a developer by heart, know how to code a bit or not at all. Everyone should be able to create software that drives business innovation and success.

That’s what our customers asked us to deliver back in 2010, and the first version of the WEM platform was created…


To be the Best Value Multiplier Technology Partner


Inspire freedom to innovate bringing alignment between business and IT

WEM APAC exists to accelerate the business velocity of enterprises with the help of its leading no-code technology. Headquartered in Melbourne, with offices and partners across the region, WEM APAC is Asia Pacific's leading No-Code Application Development and Hyper automation service provider for enterprises, on benchmarking features, functionality, and price. We bring speed and agility into the enterprise by bridging the supply gap between the need for applications and the availability of developer talent. WEM APAC is where business meets IT.


Inclusion is our way of life
We live to empower to make a difference

Product Delivery with WEM APAC’s Digital Factory

WEM APAC’s unique delivery model via Digital Factory ensures smooth and quick delivery. The project teams work cohesively and each project team consists of 1 to 4 members. Due to smaller team structures, the delivery teams are tightly coupled to projects and are empowered to take decisions. This paves the way for high-efficiency gain, as decision-making is decentralized.

Project management comes easy at our digital factory, as the time allocated for scoping and delivery has a 50:50 ratio. This is achieved due to the ease of application building on the WEM platform. WEM APAC digital factory is expanding its presence across Asia to leverage efficiency and is involving the student community across countries.

Our Partnerships

WEM APAC has partnered with global system integrators like DXC Technology, FPT Software, IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra as well as multiple mid-tier and smaller system integrators and development houses.

WEM APAC has built partnerships with DXC Technology, FPT Software, Vietnam to integrate the capabilities of WEM’s no-code platform and the Robotic Process Automation offering of the partnered company. We have also partnered with Digiformer SaaSLab to expand its operations in Korea, Apti Services for Malaysian Market, Yoma Technologies for Myanmar, and so on.