WEM No Code Platform

WEM is an entirely no-code single-screen front-end and back-end application development platform with the same capability as traditional coding.

WEM is a No-Code Application Development Platform that enables users to build basic to enterprise-grade mission-critical and complex applications. WEM's environment is web-based and it is designed distinctively for web and mobile, including capabilities to scale for web and fit diverse mobile form factors, and, very importantly, to meet security requirements on the web.

With WEM No Code Application Development Platform you can

Launch applications quickly within a few days or weeks.
Develop mission-critical, secure, and fully customizable applications and (micro)services.
Modernize legacy applications and integrate them with any 3rd party systems.
Train anyone to be a developer.

WEM is built as a mission-critical enterprise application development platform.

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  • Entirely No-Code Environment

  • Process Focused

  • 90% Less Development Time

  • 100% Agile

  • 90% Less Risk

  • 1/3rd Total Cost of Ownership