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Is it possible to build an application in just 45 mins? We have thrown a challenge to our team to create an application in 45 minutes on WEM and guess what, they've obliged! Well, we are really excited to see if they succeed in this challenge or not! Aren't you excited?

So, for the next 10 months, our team and partners will build applications in the said time frame LIVE! Yes, you read it right! We will be showcasing application building on WEM's no-code platform LIVE for our event attendees.

Check out our lineup for the upcoming 45 Possible events

Month 45 Possible Theme 45 Possible Doer Brief
30 September Unleash the Power of SNS log-in via WEM! Jay Choi and Ian An How to utilize OAuth 2.0 technology, blend in with WEM to enhance function
09 September WEM Knowledge Sharing Session Harsh Dafre, David Lee and Tanmoy Moitra 1. CSI - Context setting on Low Code No Code and welcome: 5 Minutes 2. WEM Overview - Product capability 10 Minutes 3. ' 45 Min - It is possible' 4. Q and A - 10 minutes 5. Wrapup - 5 Minutes
05 August AI & Integrations with WEM Prodt AI & Integrations with WEM
02 July Agile Innovation for Banking Workflows iAuroTech Build an application to adhere to the Positive Pay
27 May Ticket Management John Wardell Building a ticket management module .
April Invoicing Application Module Desmond Janes & Bo Jespersen Building an Invoice module in 45 minutes.