Visual development

Intuitively design full-stack applications and visualize each step in real-time during the app development process. Build the front-end and back-end of your application in the same interface, at the exact same time. That’s continuous improvement and agile development made simple for both business and IT.

Integrate with any system or database

  • Easily consume or expose data through web requests with built-in open standards and open-source technologies, like JSON, XML, SOAP, REST and OData
  • Pre-built connectors empower you to seamlessly integrate your applications with external systems, such as SAP and Salesforce
  • Build on top of existing databases

Single Sign-on, OAuth and SAML

To meet your company’s security requirements, WEM offers extensive security capabilities out of the box, including authentication capabilities, role-based access controls such as Single Sign-on, OAuth and SAML integrations, secure communication through https and data encryption capabilities.

Native mobile apps

Outperform user experiences. Visually develop powerful web apps that can run on any device. Enhance your business advantage even more by building your existing web app into a native mobile app. These can be published on both Android and iOS AppStores.

More features


Powerful UI/UX

WEMs process-based modelling approach makes building apps an intuitive experience. Make use of fully customizable out-of-the-box user interface designs.


Have multiple employees create apps together, at the same time. Define roles within your development team. Control who makes changes to projects and deploys apps.


Build applications once and publish these to different portals to easily service multiple groups of users or customers. With a custom functionality, look and feel, and secure separation of databases.


Deliver software your company can use on a world-wide scale. Create multi-lingual apps with local time-zone support and local data storage.

Deploy applications anywhere​

Your applications are deployed on Azure by default. We empower you to deploy your apps anywhere. Any public or private cloud.