Welcome to the tutorial section of the WEM modeler. Our tutorials provide you with self-paced hands on training for most of the key features of the WEM modeler. You need a WEM account to work with this tutorial section. If you don’t have a WEM account yet, you can create one here: Create your account. We are adding tutorials regularly. We will post new content to our blog, twitter and facebook feeds so keep an eye on those for new knowledge for you to make your own.


WEM terminology – getting started

Many of the tutorials require some level of familiarity with the WEM terminology and the use of basic functions. Some of the tutorials are based on the CRM application developed as part of the First application tutorial. With this tutorial, you will build a basic CRM application (Customer Relation Management) from scratch in 3 easy-to-follow steps, independently and at your own pace.

Best result – optimal learning-03

Best result – optimal learning

For the best result and optimal learning in the shortest possible time we suggest that you first complete the [First application](/tutorials/first-application) tutorial and keep this project to build on whenever you decide to follow additional tutorials. Every browser renders complex web applications slightly different. For the purpose of our tutorials we used Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows based pc. For the best results we suggest you use Internet Explorer 11 to complete this tutorial.We hope you enjoy working with the WEM modeler.